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Can't export QuickTime on Mac OSX Mavericks

You may facing trouble when you export your work as QuickTime on Apple's latest OS, OSX Mavericks. We're hardly working to fix. Until then, please use PICMO on OSX Mountain Lion or less, or on Windows. Sorry for inconvenient.

Using PICMO with Mac OS X Mountain Lion

PICMO is perfect conmpatible with MacOS X Mountain Lion.

When you launch PICMO first time on Mac OS X Mountain Lion, you may encounter a dialog like this. In that case, select "Install" to install new Java runtime. After that, you can use PICMO as usual.

Using PICMO with Mac OS X Lion

When you launch PICMO first time on Mac OS X Lion, you must encounter a dialog to install Java. Just follow the step to run PICMO as usual.
( This is because PICMO's base system software "Java" was transfered from Apple to the particular company.)

Check out! Latest PICMO Version is 1.1.3

Latest PICMO version is 1.1.3. You can check your PICMO's version by selecting a menu "About PICMO".

Online Manuals

We provide manuals online including user manuals and tutorial videos.
Get the page from the link below. (Or you can acces from PICMO's Hellp Menu)

PICMO Online Manuals

E-mail Support

Click "Write E-Mail" to open your e-mail client to write to us. Any question and any suggestion welcomes. If you have License Key, write that for quick response.