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Say goodbye to PICMO

It's very sad to say that we let you know PICMO will shut down on January 31, 2016. We are too small (actually we don't have an in-house programmer) so that we couldn't follow up OS or Java upgrade. We will continue user support until June 30, 2016. Thank you very much for supporting and loving PICMO.


PICMO Version 1.1.6 released

We released Version 1.1.6 of PICMO (all editions). This release is maintenance release for new Java version.

Junuary 31, 2013

PICMO Version 1.1.5 released

We released Version 1.1.5 of PICMO (all editions). This release is maintenance release for Mac OSX Mountain Lion.

September 26, 2012

Compatible with Mac OS X Mountain Lion

PICMO is compatible with Mac OSX Mountain Lion. See the aricle in the User Support page.

August 8, 2012

PICMO Version 1.1.4 released

We released Version 1.1.5 of PICMO (all editions). This release is maintenance release for fix some small problem.

Janunary 9, 2012

English Manuals were published

A long-awaited PICMO manuals published. The online Quick Manual and User's Manual for PICMO Pro/Animation/Paint, you can get from Help menu in the application or from: User Support page.

May 22, 2012

Compatible with Mac OS X Lion

PICMO Pro/Animation/Paint 1.1.3 is compatible with Apple's new Mac OS X Lion. For more detail, check out User Support page.

July 22, 2011

PICMO Version 1.1.3 released

We released Version 1.1.3 of PICMO (all editions). This release is maintenance release so no new functions are added.

July 11, 2010

Upgrade 1.1 and Price Cut, New Sisters were Born

Chelico Entertainment Inc. released PICMO version 1.1 and price cut the software. They released two more editions of PICMO for entry level users. Current users of PICMO will get annouce of free upgrade to PICMO Pro.

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(Feb.14, 2011)

UrumaDelvi and PICMO will appear on TV

PICMO and its author UrumaDelvi will appear on TV at midnight on Sunday the 13th. The program is "Baby Smap" which shows the process of an artist making ten seconds short animation for another TV show "Smap x Smap". UrumaDelvi uses PICMO to make it. Fuji TV network on 24:20 Feb.13, 2011.

(Feb.1, 2011)

PICMO in Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2010!

The workshop of making animation by PICMO was held in International Animation Festival in HIROSHIMA 2010. This workshop was planed for the people with no special knowledge of animation. PICMO is best for this kind of people. We were very pleased that many families attended this workshop and really enjoyed making animation by PICMO.

**Pieces of their work(Some pieces are not made by PICMO)**

Computer Animation Making World
August 7th,August 8th,August 10th,August 11th

August 24th, 2010

PICMO Trailer Movie is now released

Cartoonist Monkey Puch and Mr.Ishihara, CEO Pokemon Company is speaking about PICMO.

Dec 9, 2009

News online (In Japan)


Dec.9, 2009

News Online (in Japan)

【Yahooニュース】「アニメ化ソフト:「おしりかじり虫」制作者の2人が開発 誰でも手軽‥
【毎日新聞】「アニメ化ソフト:「おしりかじり虫」制作者の2人が開発 誰でも手軽に制作
【CNET Japan】「いいソフトがなかったので自分で作りました」--うるまでるび作のアニメ‥

Dec.8, 2009

Keynote for PICMO

Dec. 8, 2009

PICMO.COM Opens! Free download started!

Chelico Entertainment opens PICMO.COM to promote their PICMO software.

Dec. 8, 2009

The name of software is "PICMO"

Code name "UrumaDelvi Paint" is now changing the name to "PICMO". PICMO is from PICture MOtion.

Nov, 11, 2009

Chelico Entertainment Founded

The new company "Chelico Entertainment" was founded by UrumaDelvi and partners to develop PICMO and other softwares.

Sep 4, 2009

Delvi demonstrated PICMO in New York

Here is the movie of "Delvi demonstrated PICMO in New York", July 2009.

Sep.9, 2009