PICMO Pro has all features of PICMO Animation and PICMO Paint. Additionaly, it has advaned animation features such as a timeline or a baton mode of AnimClip.

Drawing Features
As well as PICMO Paint, That is...>>

Animation Features
As well as PICMO Animation, That is...>>

Advanced Animation Features
Lower the Cost of Making Animation


Movable Patterns

A professional animators know how difficult it is to deal with animated characters with patterns on them. But worry no more: PICMO’s AnimClip allows synchronized movements of characters and their patterns, lifting the burden off the shoulders.

Baton Mode for Sophisticated Action

The Baton Mode is very convenient if you’re working with a complex character or want to create a complex series of actions. Save the character’s appearance at each base point of your choice, and see the character move smoothly within the range determined by the selected points. Dealing with eight tentacles has never been so easy!

Atach Sound to Character Movement

Using PICMO, you can add sounds or music to your animation easily. Load the sound file, attach to AnimClip and record by the button. That's all you have to do. We provide free sound library with PICMO application file.


Frame by Frame Drawing with Timeline

Manage time with Timeline and create even more polished animation like keyframe transition or drawig frame by frame. Operating it is as easy as breakfast―because PICMO wouldn’t have it any other way.


Adjustable FPS

Animations created by AnimClip have variable movements built-in. You may adjust FPS at any time without affecting the total running time.

Import and Export
As well as PICMO Animation, That is...>> Except...

Flash SWF、QuickTime書き出し

Exporting in Flash or QuickTime format

Like PICMO Paint or PICMO Animation, you can export your document as JPG or PNG still image format, or QuickTime format if it contains animation. And plus, PICMO Pro has capable of exporting Flash SWF for professional web designers and artists.

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