PICMO Animation

PICMO Animation has all features of PICMO Paint and also has animation creation feature. PICMO's most unique feature "AnimClip™" gives you making animation by just moving mouse on your painting.

Drawing Features
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Animation Features
Create Animation in 10 Minutes


Animation in Three Simple Steps: AnimClip™

Once you have drawn something, let’s infuse some life into it with animation, and AnimClip is just the right tool for this purpose. Place red pins on the parts you want to apply movement to, and then drag them with your mouse. Notice the movements are astonishingly natural, like you are playing with a real stuffed animal. Record the mouse action and, incredibly, you’ll have your own work of animation just like that.

Adjust the Timing by Ears - metronome

Why dancing two do not setp on each other's foot? Because they are listening to the same music. PICMO has same theory. When you record character's movement, you can hear the metoronome sound. For example, when you make an animation of human walking, you easily adjust timing left and right leg by hearing metronome.

Easy to Add Sound

Using PICMO, you can add sounds or music to your animation easily. Load the sound file, attach to AnimClip and record by the button. That's all you have to do. We provide free sound library with PICMO application file.

Import and Export
Animating pictures, moving hearts


Animate Pictures with Bitmap Importing

PICMO Animation can import images taken by a digital camera and BMP files created by other software. Apply animation to the imported images using AnimClip, and make your friends and families dance like they’ve never danced before.


Over 100Mbyte Free Clip Arts and Sounds

With purchased PICMO Animation or PICMO Pro, we provide over 100 Mbyte clip arts and sounds which professionals made.


Share Your Animation at YouTube Immediately

By selecting only one menu item, you can upload your animation to YouTube. Not only to your YouTube account, but also PICMO shared account.

Flash SWF、QuickTime書き出し

Exporting JPEG, PNG and QuickTime

Your work may be exported in JPG or PNG format, or in QuickTime format if it contains animation. Upload it to your website, blog site, or YouTube. You can even make your own DVD!(You can export as Flash SWF format by PICMO Pro.)

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