PICMO Paint is a paint software and this is an entry application of PICMO family. (You can not create animations. Patented drawing tools like "Good Boy Pen" help you to make fine pictures.

Drawing features
Fun Doodling for the Drawing Challenged


The superb touch that makes mouse actions fun

Drawing with your mouse or tablet―that’s the foundation on which PICMO is built on. Through rigorous coordination and an adjustment of hardware, a superbly real and soft drawing touch―much like that of a marker―was realized.

Good Boy! Pen

Easy corrections with Good Boy! Pen

Nobody can draw well at first. But that’s perfectly fine as long as you take the time to fix the errors later, and this is when you need the help of the computer the most. PICMO is equipped with a fantastic tool for this purpose: Good Boy! Pen. Utter the words “Good Boy!” while gently stroke the lines with the pen―as you would a little boy’s head―and watch the rough edges vanish and the lines become tamer (smoother).

hape-Memory Drag Pen

Shape-Memory Drag Pen for wilder deformation

The drag pen is suited for major corrections. Apply it on a line or a side of a shape, and simply drag it to deform the shape. What makes PICMO’s drag pen special is its shape-memory function; the shape tries to retain its form, so major deformations do not affect the shape’s original characteristics. Unlike spline control, which requires experience, the drag pen allows the user to create an ideal form by feel.

Dynamic Color Change

Pick and choose with Dynamic Color Change

Few people know what colors they want to use from the start. It’s only natural to test various colors in the creation process and see what fits the best. That’s where Dynamic Color Change comes into picture. Modify the RGB/HSV values on the palette and see the colors on the canvas change in real-time.


The History of Colors You Used

Because PICMO was made by professional painter, there are presented so many unique and convenient drawing tools. For example Color History is small circles of variety colors you recently used. You may feel this is a small feature but after start using PICMO, you must thank that.

Import and Export
Share with other softwares

Import Bitmap

Import and Export Bitmap

PICMO can import images taken by a digital camera and BMP files created by other software. Your work may be exported in JPG or PNG format. (With PICMO Animation, You can export your animation as a movie)

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